Mojave Desert & Mountan Recycling Authority

Go with Glass!

We are big fans of glass containers because glass is infintily recyclable. Go with glass, then recycle it! Learn more about recycling in our High Desert and Mountain communities by visiting:

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Remove Lids from Glass Jars

Removing lids from glass bottles and jars makes the glass easier to process at our recycling facility. Once removed, metal lids can also go in your curbside recycling bin. Learn more about recycling in our High Desert and Mountain communities

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Any Container Will Do

Getting the right recyclable material into your curbside bin starts by collecting it inside your home. It doesn’t matter what container you use, even a cardboard box will work. Add a label so the household knows what it’s for. The

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Keep Food Out of Recycling

Food that gets thrown in the recycle bin will contaminate otherwise clean recyclables. It makes paper moldy and makes it difficult for our local recycling company to sell to end markets. WASTED FOOD MUST GO IN TRASH.

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Holiday 2021 – Wrapping Recycling

Plain, glitter-free, wrapping paper, bags and cardboard can be recycled. Glittery bags, cellophane wrapping paper, ornaments, and ribbons are not recyclable. If you have these, please save them to reuse again next year. Learn more about recycling in the High

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Holiday 2021 – Gift Tags

Holiday Tip: Use old Christmas cards to make gift tags. It’s one less thing to buy and a great way to reuse before you recycle. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

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