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Proper Battery Disposal – Fire Danger July 2024

Image of Battery with “CAUTION FIRE DANGER"🔋 Proper Household Battery Disposal Matters! 🔋
Did you know that improperly disposed of batteries are a leading cause of fires in waste facilities? Household batteries are considered hazardous waste and require special disposal to prevent these incidents.
By properly recycling your household batteries at a Hazardous Waste Collection facility, you protect against fires and keep potentially hazardous materials out of the waste stream.
The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities in San Bernardino County are managed by the San Bernardino County Fire Department. Visit San Bernardino County Fire Department’s HHW or call 1.800.OILY.CAT (645.9228) to find a collection location near you.
Let’s keep our community safe and clean! 🌿🔥

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