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Why Empty Clean and Dry

Image of Recyclable Items that should be EMPTY CLEAN AND DRYLet’s talk about the smelly truth – liquid or food residue can turn your recycling bin into a stinky science project.

Here’s the deal: recyclables need to be EMPTY, CLEAN, and DRY to avoid contaminating the rest. One bad apple (or milk jug) can spoil the whole bunch (of recyclables). 🍎♻️

Imagine this: one slightly not-empty milk carton leaks onto your paper recycling causing a soggy mess making it impossible for the workers at the processing facility to sort. That paper has been contaminated and is no longer recyclable. ❌

The sad part? Contaminated stuff ends up in the landfill, making all your recycling efforts go down the drain. 💔 But fear not! Just lightly rinse (old dishwater is fine!) or wipe out those food containers and leave them on the counter to dry before putting them in your recycle cart.

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