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Right to Repair Law Passes

Image of a mobile phone being repairedGovernor Newsom has signed the Right to Repair Act (SB 244, Eggman). This is a win for consumers, for small businesses across the state, and for the environment.
When you buy something, you should be able to do what you want with it and fix it however you choose. But when it comes to repair, for too long, electronics manufacturers have made it difficult to live by those core principles. Now, after years of advocacy, Californians have finally won the Right to Repair.
Going into effect in July 2024, Senate Bill 244 will provide independent repair shops and consumers with the repair materials they need to keep stuff in use and out of the trash, saving consumers money and reducing waste.

The bill is co-sponsored by CALPIRG, iFixit, and Californians Against Waste.

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