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R Words of Zero Waste: ROT

🌿 “R Words of Zero Waste: A Path to Sustainability” Series 🌿

Closing in on a powerful “R” in our journey to sustainability – ROT! ♻️ ROT refers to the transformation of food waste and organics into a valuable resource through composting. Removing organic material from the landfill is a top priority for California. Composting produces a soil amendment for farmers and helps reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

-Home Composting: Transform kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into nutrient-rich soil fertilizer for your garden. Reduce waste to the landfill while giving back to the Earth. We offer some tips and resource links to get you started on our website at

-Curbside Organics Collection: Communities in the High Desert area have begun providing curbside organics collection service. If your community provides it, take advantage of this service and help us divert organics from the landfill!

Let’s make ROT a cornerstone of our zero-waste lifestyle and nurture the Earth together! 🌱💚

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