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R Words of Zero Waste 6: Repair

🌿 “R Words of Zero Waste: A Path to Sustainability” Series 🌿
Let’s dive into the empowering “R” on our journey to sustainability – REPAIR! 🛠️✨
🛠️🔧 Say no to buying new when you can repair what’s already there. It’s a sustainable and rewarding journey. So go ahead and channel your inner handy-person! Borrow tools from neighbors, seek advice online, or join a local maker-space. You’ve got the skills to fix what you love.
🛠️✨ Right to Repair Victory: When you buy something, you should have the freedom to fix it as you choose. With the July 2024 implementation of Senate Bill 244 in California, residents will have the Right to Repair. This landmark bill ensures independent repair shops and consumers have access to repair parts, tools, and guides that weren’t previously available. Support independent repair shops and keep your beloved items in use, saving money and reducing waste.
Learn more about the Right to Repair bill here:
Let’s celebrate the power of REPAIR in building a sustainable and repair-friendly world! #RightToRepair

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