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R Words of Zero Waste 3

🌿 “R Words of Zero Waste: A Path to Sustainability” Series 🌿
Next up in our journey to sustainability is the mighty “R” – REUSE! ♻️ Let’s unlock the potential of what we already have and give it a new life.
– Reuse before you buy! It’s both economically and environmentally wise to extend the life of products.
– Don’t stop at once – reuse it again, and again, and again! Embrace the cycle of sustainability. 🔄
– Give items a second chance! Get creative by repairing and repurposing. If you can’t use it in the same way, maybe it can serve another purpose? That old, ripped t-shirt makes great cleaning rags, or use it to wrap gifts. Use your kid’s broken wagon as a planter box. Get creative!

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