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AWAC Plant of the Month March 24

🌼 Brighten up your garden with Sundrops! 🌼

These flowers open in bright yellow in the afternoon, remaining welcoming until the next morning, perfect for those nighttime moth visitors seeking nectar. Plus, each bloom lasts for 24 hours before gracefully fading to a lovely orange-pink hue, creating a stunning sunset palette in your garden. Tough and resilient, Sundrops take on both heat and drought with ease.

Low-water and drought-tolerant zero-scaping is crucial not only for conserving water but also plays a vital role in overall sustainability efforts, contributing to a resilient and eco-friendly landscape that aligns with our commitment to a greener future. 🌱💧♻️

For more information about low-water landscaping in the Mojave High Desert and Mountain areas, visit

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