Mojave Desert & Mountan Recycling Authority

Aerosol Cans are Recyclable

Aerosol cans are recyclable in your curbside bin. Please make sure they are empty and dry before placing in your cart.  To learn more about what material is recyclable curbside in the High Desert and Mountain communities, visit our website

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Why Recycle: Natural Resources

When you recycle you conserve valuable natural resources. Using recycled materials to make new products saves energy and reduces the amount of air and water emissions produced during the manufacture of new products. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to

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Growing battery processor plans next US facility

Lithium-ion battery recycling company Li-Cycle will build its third North American plant in the Phoenix area. The operation will be able to process up to 22 million pounds of batteries per year. The Toronto-headquartered company this month announced its next

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