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Reusable packaging platform to roll out in US stores

Loop, a company providing reusable packaging and collection infrastructure for major consumer goods brand owners, will bring its concept into North American retail outlets this year. Loop on Sept. 22 announced the next phase of its reuse platform, which launched

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Recycling company and manager plead guilty to fraud

A shuttered California recycling company and its former operations manager pled guilty to multiple felonies, and the company will pay $34 million in restitution and penalties. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) announced plea agreements with Recycling

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Group reports 21% carpet recycling rate in California

A stewardship group fell short of California’s carpet recycling mandate last year, despite a notable year-over-year jump in the recycling rate. Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), which runs the mandatory collection and recycling program under California law, achieved a 21%

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McDonald's Announces Sustainable Happy Meal Toys

The Golden arches have announced that they plan to make “every toy in the world” more sustainable by 2025. This means sourcing everything from non-virgin materials. The company says if they achieve this goal, it will reduce their virgin plastic

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Etsy Introduces Eco-Friendly Packaging

Following a pledge earlier this year to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, Etsy has announced they are now offering “planet-friendly” packaging for its sellers. It works like this: Through a new partnership with EcoEnclose, U.S. sellers Read More…

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How Much E-Waste is in a Bitcoin Transaction?

Despite being digital, cryptocurrency is known for having a negative environmental impact. A new study in Resources, Conservation and Recycling recently examined just how much waste mining Bitcoin generates. According to researchers, crypt Read More…

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The other side of ‘the Sword’

This article appeared in the August 2021 issue of Resource Recycling. Subscribe today for access to all print content.   The following is an excerpt from “Remains of the Everyday: A century of Recycling in Beijing,” written by Joshua Goldstein and

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Apple faces shareholder action targeting repair policy

An environment-focused investment firm this month filed a shareholder resolution with Apple, asking the OEM to move away from its “restrictive” product repair policies. Green Century Capital Management on Sept. 9 announced the shareholder proposal. Through the resolution process, Apple

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California bill deems some exports ‘disposal’

California lawmakers have approved a bill that would no longer allow scrap plastic that is exported to be considered recycled. The legislation now heads to the governor for final consideration. Assembly Bill 881 would classify mixed plastics exported from the

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Plastic is far more toxic than we thought

You know that phthalates and flame retardants are toxic. But a new study finds that a quarter of all chemicals in plastics could be equally harmful to you. Source: Plastic is far more toxic than we thought

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