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California provides millions in grants to boost recycling

Over $10 million in cap-and-trade program dollars have been awarded to California companies that recover PET, glass and textiles. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) on April 19 approved nearly $10.5 million in grants to California manufacturers.

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The Demand for Sustainable Packaging is Growing

The esthetic of how online orders are packaged is important. But, with more than half of U.S. consumers concerned about the environmental impact of packaging (McKinsey & Company), packing materials are as important as the overall a Read More…

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Scraps Cookbook | BioCycle

IKEA Canada released its new IKEA ScrapsBook cookbook, a collaborative project with 10 North American chefs featuring unique recipes using kitchen scraps. Source: Scraps Cookbook | BioCycle

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Expansive EPR proposal is back in play in California

California legislators introduced a bill that creates a packaging stewardship organization and adds packaging fees paid by producers. The bill is the latest in a flurry of plastics-related legislative activity in the state. Assembly Bill 842 was introduced in February

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Federal plastics proposal returns this week

Two members of Congress will revive the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, which includes a national container deposit system and other sweeping changes. Representatives from the plastics industry have countered the push. According to a March 22 press release

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Hundreds of Fish Species are Consuming Microplastics

A new study published by ecologist Elliott Hazen shows that marine fish – including species consumed by humans – are ingesting synthetic particles of all sizes. Fish consuming plastic is on the rise because detection methods for microplastics is imp

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Goldman Sachs Launches its First Sustainability Bond

Goldman Sachs has launched its first Sustainability bond. The $800 million offering is under the company’s Sustainable Issuance Framework. All of the proceeds will be allocated toward projects and initiatives aimed at accelerating climate transition Read More…

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Consumers holding onto mobile phones longer

Mobile device trade-ins are older than they used to be, according to recent figures from device trade-in firm Hyla Mobile. Devices are also largely retaining their value. Hyla Mobile, a Texas-headquartered reverse logistics company that refurbishes and resells mobile devices,

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