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Consumers holding onto mobile phones longer

Mobile device trade-ins are older than they used to be, according to recent figures from device trade-in firm Hyla Mobile. Devices are also largely retaining their value. Hyla Mobile, a Texas-headquartered reverse logistics company that refurbishes and resells mobile devices,

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Recycling commission endorses right-to-repair bill

A high-profile recycling commission in California has published its endorsement of right-to-repair policies. The Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling last month issued a slew of preliminary recommendations, most related to recycling of paper and packaging. But tucked

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Recycling Empty Beauty Products

The global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year resulting in 2.7 billion plastic bottles going to landfills yearly. Recycling beauty packaging to avoid waste can be challenging. Anything that contains mirrors, magnet Read More…

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Reuters: Renew Oceans project shuts down

A touted project from the Alliance to End Plastic Waste ceased operations in India nearly a year ago, and it’s not expected to be revived. Renew Oceans, which was one of the first efforts from the Alliance to End Plastic

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China Proposes New Food Waste Law

Binge-eating videos in China – and around the world – is all the rage. In China, a new law has been proposed to stop food waste. Under the new law, anyone who posts videos online that promote overeating will face

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Tips for a Waste Free Holiday

10 Tips for a Waste Free Holiday

According to the EPA, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, American household waste increases by more than 25 percent. In the midst of the celebration and merriment, it’s easy to get caught up and forget some of the sustainable behavior

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H&M’s New Clothing Line Incorporates Food Waste

    H&M is taking sustainability to the next level. The company’s newest collection named the “Conscious Exclusive A/W20 Collection” is derived from food waste and fabrics created with wood pulp and recycled fibers. Consumers no long Read More…

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Reducing Food Waste During Thanksgiving

More than 200 million pounds of turkey end up wasted during the Thanksgiving holiday, and there are ways to reduce it. While the 2020 holiday might be smaller as coronavirus prevents gatherings, the waste generated could still make a significant

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Mitigating Climate Change Begins Here and Now

What do COVID-19 and climate change have in common?  Well – for starters, you and me. Over the past several months, as the scope of the global pandemic has grown, we’ve all had to make significant changes to our daily

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Study: US a major generator of plastics pollution

Despite having a robust plastics collection infrastructure, the U.S. is one of the largest contributors to ocean plastics worldwide, according to new findings from well-known plastic waste researchers. The journal Science Advances on Oct.30 published “The United States’ contribution of

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France will assign devices a repair rating

Looking to extend the lifetime of electronics, French officials plan to introduce a rating system that communicates repairability and durability to consumers. U.K. trade publication Circular reported that the French government will begin phasing in the compulsory rating system on

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