Mojave Desert & Mountan Recycling Authority

Residential Recycling Course – DRAFT

Lesson 5

Your Participation is Important

From all of us at the Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority (MDMRA), we want to thank you for participating the right way in your curbside trash and recycling programs.

When you recycle correctly, you help:

  • Keep your local Material Recovery Facility clean and recycling workers safe.
  • Create local jobs. Recycling creates at least 10 jobs for every 1 created by sending the same amount to landfills.
  • Ensure that recyclables are clean and can be valued at the highest price possible, which helps support low monthly customer rates.
  • Keep valuable recyclable materials out of the landfill.
  • Conserve important natural resources. Using recycled materials to make new products saves energy and reduces the amount of air and water emissions produced during the manufacturing of new products. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin materials production.
  • Keep your community in compliance with State of California solid waste and recycling laws.

For more information on recycling right, visit or on social media at @highdesertrecycles.

Insert photos of sanitation workers, city staff, neighbors, truck drivers, etc.

Photo caption: Thanks for helping your local recycling facility by recycling right! We appreciate your support.

Recycle Right Commitment Pledge

    I pledge to recycle correctly at home and within my community and to seek out information about what is acceptable in my curbside program by using the resources provided on the website.
  • *This information helps our team measure the success of this online guide only. Your information will remain anonymous, and we will not send you anything in the mail.*