Mojave Desert & Mountan Recycling Authority

Residential Recycling Guide

The Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority (Authority) is a joint powers authority of local governments that plans and implements recycling, composting, reuse, zero waste, and educational programs in the High Desert area. The Authority has created this quick Residential Recycling Guide to help residents of the High Desert improve their knowledge of local trash and recycling programs.
What You Will Learn:
  • What recycling is and how it works

  • What happens to your recyclables

  • Allowed items in the recycling bin

  • Top 5 problem materials

  • How your involvement makes a difference

Estimated completion time = 7 minute
Lesson 1

What is Recycling and How Does it Work?

Recycling is the circular process of separating an item (like a can, for example) from the trash and having it collected and processed into a new, recycled-content item. This process is described in detail below.
How Recycling Works: Households
How Recycling Works Haulers
How Recycling Works Processors
How Recycling Works Manufacturers

Test Your Knowledge

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