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City of Victorville



Trash service is mandatory for all occupied premises in the City of Victorville, and it is the City’s desire to provide you with the best possible service. Click on one of the links below to get more information.

Starting or Stopping Trash Service- Service Issues
Holiday Schedule
Trash & Recycling Fees and Collection Guidelines
Bulky Item Pick-UP
Landfill Fees & Information
Community Cleanup & Adopt-A-Street
City of Victorville Solid Waste Division


The City of Victorville Recycling Program offers ways to recycle at home, school, and work.

Recycling Information

Curbside Recycling Guide – “What Goes Where?”
Why Does Victorville Recycle?
Construction & Demolition Material Recycling Guide
Junk Mail Reduction Kit
Kid’s Recycling
Reuse Guide – Where to Get Rid of Your Stuff
Tire Disposal/Recycling Options
Plastic Bag Recycling


Recycling Programs

Curbside & Residential Recycling
Apartment/Condo & Mobile Home Park Recycling
Business & Commercial Recycling
School Recycling

Recycling Centers

City of Victorville Recycling Drop-Off Center
Victor Valley “MRF” Recycling Drop Off Area
Local Recycling Centers – Cash For Bottles & Cans


Hazardous Waste


There are several items that can not be placed in the trash or the recycle dumpsters such as paint, motor oil and fluorescent tubes.

HHW Collection Center, also Recoleccion de Residuos
E-waste Recycling (TVs, Computers, etc.)
Florescent Lights, Batteries, and Ballast Disposal Options
Sharps Disposal
Paint Disposal
Proper Disposal of Medications

Composting & Grass Mulching

Did you know that composting is nature’s way of recycling and that grass mulching is good for your lawn? 

Backyard Composting – Coming Soon
Grass Mulching – Coming Soon

Contact Us

For more information, call the City of Victorville Recycling Division at (760) 955-8615,or email [email protected]

The City of Victorville also has a water conservation program. To learn how you can start conserving water, click the icon below.

Victorville Conserves Water

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