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Recycling and Sustainability News

Mitigating Climate Change Begins Here and Now

What do COVID-19 and climate change have in common? Well – for starters, you and me. Over the past several months, as the scope of the global pandemic has grown, we’ve all had to make significant changes to our daily routines – whether we want Read More... ...
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Big drop in California redemption rate? State and group don’t agree

Advocacy organization Consumer Watchdog recently noted the COVID-19 pandemic has slashed California’s beverage container recycling rate. But the state’s recycling agency called that analysis “inaccurate.” Consumer Watchdog on Oct. 26 issued a release describing a significant drop in redemptions through … Read More... ...
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Study: US a major generator of plastics pollution

Despite having a robust plastics collection infrastructure, the U.S. is one of the largest contributors to ocean plastics worldwide, according to new findings from well-known plastic waste researchers. The journal Science Advances on Oct.30 published “The United States’ contribution of … Read More... ...
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NWRA, EREF publish waste and recycling education book

The book provides an overview of how the waste and recycling industry operates for industry professionals, government officials, students and consumers. Read More... ...
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Flexible Plastic Packaging Isn’t Being Recycled

Flexible plastic packaging, otherwise known as FPP, is the fastest growing form of packaging in the U.S. It is created in hundreds of forms, but most commonly used by consumers in plastic bags, sealable granola pouches and big pet food bags. FPP is Read More... ...
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