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Recycling and Sustainability News

Reebok Sows Seeds of Sustainability with Plant-Based Running Footwear

Boston-based multinational Reebok's newest foray into plant-based footwear is a running shoe meant to withstand marathon-length distances. The shoe and apparel company released its much anticipated Forever Floatride Grow on Oct. 1, 2020. The fo Read More... ...
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California Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling Commission Works to Hammer Out Recycling Solutions

California had a goal to hit 75 percent diversion by this year, but it’s falling substantially behind, with a 40 percent rate in 2018 (from CalRecycle’s most recent reporting). Some of the main hindrances to reaching its target have been c Read More... ...
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Exploring the Role of the Consumer in Driving Sustainability

At last month’s WasteExpo Together Online, one popular session looked at, “What Do They Want? - Sustainability! -- When Do They Want It? - Now!” It had a common theme about the roles of customer behavior, supply chain, transparency and more as relate Read More... ...
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The Circular Economy Fund at Blackrock Raised $900 Million

In its first year, the Blackrock investment fund focused on the global development of a circular economy has raised over $900 million. That’s good news for the environment. The fund has invested in many companies with packaging, chemicals, forest pr Read More... ...
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China’s 2020 ban ‘will not have massive impact’ on fiber markets

Is the global recycled paper sector prepared for China’s complete exit from the market next year? Experts weighed in during a recent Bureau of International Recycling session. The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) hosted a fiber-focused commodity session during its … Read More... ...
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