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Master Composters

The High Desert & Mountain Master Composters are looking for interested citizens who would like to become “Master Composters” as part of a program offered by the Mojave Desert & Mountain Recycling JPA and participating cities and towns.

Classes are FREE and provide you with what you need to know about composting as well as a network of like-minded people to help you along the way.


  • Approximately four hours of FREE training about how composting works and different composting techniques.
  • Valuable Composting/Gardening Handbooks & Fact Sheets on:
Composting • Vermicomposting (worms!) • Water Conservation
Useful Gardening Ideas • Greencycling Options
Uses for Fresh Mulch • Uses for Composted Greenwaste


Volunteer some of your time to help educate your friends, neighbors, and other members of the public and about the benefits of composting and how to reduce yard waste.

  • The opportunity to meet and network with other local gardening enthusiasts.
  • Fun! Make new friends with other High Desert residents who share a common interest in gardening.

For more information, contact the Recycling Authority at 1 888-URECYCLE or
Don Woo, Master Composter Coordinator at (951) 265-8699 / [email protected].

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