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What to do About Junk Mail

Do you open your mailbox each day to find it stuffed with unsolicited mail, catalogs, credit card applications, and advertisements?

You’re not alone.

  • The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail equal to 1.5 trees every year—more than 100 million trees for all U.S. households combined.
  • 44 percent of junk mail is thrown away unopened.
  • On average, Americans spend 8 months opening junk mail in the course of their lives.


Junk Mail

Stopping Junk Mail at the Source

The best thing you can do is stop mailings before they happen. When you sign up for a service or order from a catalog, tell them not to sell your name or send promotional materials. And if you do end up on a list, we offer some tips on how to remove yourself below.

Since most forms of junk mail are made from paper, the good news is that you can recycle them. So if you find yourself holding a stack of junk mail, please don’t send it to landfill, recycle it.


Get off the Direct Marketing Association’s National Mailing Lists

Contact the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to register your name and address with their Mail Preference Service (MPS). The MPS will filter your name from mass mailings, significantly decreasing your direct mail load. Visit them online at

Keep in mind, the DMA will not stop mail from companies you do business with, charitable organizations, or commercial organizations that do not use MPS. Contact those companies directly to request their procedure to remove your name from their marketing lists.


Opt Out of Credit Bureau Address Sharing

Reduce your direct mail by “Opting Out” of credit reporting agency list name sales. By opting-out, you remove yourself from marketing lists sold to businesses by the three national credit bureaus.

It’s a simple process. Simply call 1-888-567-8688 and follow the automated instructions. You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail, which you must send back to the credit bureaus to confirm your request.

You can also opt out online at


Reduce Coupons, Ads, Product Samples

If you don’t want these items, check for the name of the company distributing the item. Write or call and ask that your address be removed from the company’s lists.


Stop the Catalogs

It’s time consuming, and a bit frustrating, but any time you receive an unwanted catalog, contact the company and request to be removed from their mailing list. Their contact information should be on the catalog. Keep the catalog handy when you call in case you need to provide any identifying numbers.

Another option is use CatalogChoice who will act on your behalf to complete your opt-outs while protecting your consumer rights. Find out more at


Visit these great websites for more information on eliminating junk mail.

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