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The Easiest Ways to Save the Planet from Home

Using Less Means More Trees, More Money, and Less Toxic Microplastic.As we pause our constant busy pace in order to save lives, we see what a difference we can make when we all work together. Because we have disrupted many of our routines and habits, we may find it easier to change some habits permanently to help the planet still be livable by the end of this century and beyond. Using less helps the planet more.Smog around the Los Angeles skyline used to obscure the San Gabriel Mountains. Reducing Helps the Environment Even More than Recycling DoesYou may already help by recycling right—rinsing out and drying a container before throwing it in the blue bin. But “recycle” comes third in our “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra because reducing and reusing help the environment even more. Why Using Less Helps the Planet MoreReducing has the biggest impact because you lessen the demand for more resources and use less energy manufacturing and transporting products. Reducing:Saves moneySaves energyPrevents pollution from harvesting and transporting raw materialsReduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate changeHelps the planet stay livable for our children and future grandchildrenLowers how much we have to recycle or send to landfills and incineratorsWhile recycling helps reduce trash, of the 8.4 percent of plastic that gets recycled in the US, most is only recycled one time because the quality degrades each time it is recycled. Then it joins the rest of the plastic polluting our planet as toxic microplastics in our air, water, and earth.Reducing Means More Trees to Clean Greenhouse Gases Out of the Air Americans use 110 million trees just for paper towels every year.When we reduce our use of single-use paper products, we cut down fewer trees—trees that fight global warming by turning carbon in the air into oxygen.When we reduce our use of

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