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Four Reasons to Return Your Beverage Containers

4 Reasons to get your CRV refund

California is one of only 10 states with a deposit return system that allows you to return empty bottles and cans to a recycling location and get back the nickel or dime deposits you paid when you purchased them.

If you haven’t yet participated in the CRV program, here are four reason you should start today:

  1. Get Your Money Back
    You pay a nickel or dime deposit on each eligible container you purchase in California. Don’t you want that deposit back? You may bring back up to 100 pounds of aluminum and plastic or 1,000 pounds of glass on a single visit to a Recycling Center. If you have less than 50 containers of one type, your refund will be a nickel or dime (depending on size) for each container. If you bring more than 50 containers of a particular type, they are weighed and converted for refund value. Either way, you’ll get your deposit back.
  2. Recycle More
    CRV programs require that your containers are clean of contaminants (liquid or food). This creates higher-quality materials compared to curbside recycling. More of your recyclables actually get recycled this way!
  3. Keep the Mojave Beautiful 
    We live in a unique and delicate ecosystem that is continuously threatened by humans. Returning high-quality recycling to redemption centers reduces litter in public places and helps keep our environment healthy and beautiful.
  4. Divert Waste from Landfill
    California’s throw away about 5 pounds of trash per day. Separating your beverage containers for CRV and redeeming them keeps recyclables out of the garbage stream and lowers the amount of waste sent to landfills. We all benefit from that!

Ready to get started?

Visit the Mojave Desert & Mountain Recycling Authority website at to find out what containers are eligible for CRV and use CalRecycle’s searchable tool to locate your nearest redemption center.

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