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Back To School 2023 – 5

Back to School Planning Tip 5Make sure to pack only what your child can eat, reuse, or recycle. Do your best to avoid pre-packaged, single-serving food. Instead, buy in bulk and use your own reusable containers. It puts you in charge of portion size, so you don’t waste food, and keeps unnecessary wrappers out of landfill. Your child’s school might provide a composting option for leftover food scraps, making it easy for them to dispose of extra food waste before they come home.
A waste-free lunch can include:
– A sturdy reusable lunch box or bag
– Reusable ice packs
– Reusable containers made of cloth, durable plastic, or metal
– Cloth napkins
– Stainless steel utensils
– A reusable water bottle
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